Baker Beach – Picnic Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area


Baker Beach in beautiful San Francisco is a hub for hikers, sun-bathers, swimmers, fishermen, surfers, and families alike. This beach-front park offers one of the most stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge – it’s rusty-red, iconic figure rests to the right of your view of the beautiful shore. During early morning and just before sunset, the bridge’s redness seems to glow, illuminated by the orange touch of the sun. Just on the other side of the bridge, the Marina District hugs the curve along the shore. A more populated and urban area, the Marina District differs from the area of Sea Cliff, where Baker Beach is located, due to its charmingly rigid terrain and its beautiful, wild rocky coastline. The nature that surrounds Baker Beach – rolling green hills of northern California, clean sand, and deep, black rocks personifies the enchantment of the Pacific Northwest. Cypress trees, with their elegantly exposed roots, grow thick and among the sand dunes, offering shade and added scenery to the beach.

However, Baker Beach has more to offer than just gorgeous views of the bay and infamous bridge; this beach offers opportunities to picnic and even grill out, complete with seating, making it a great spot for a corporate or family event. In fact, Baker Beach has been named by Curbed and Thrillist, among others, a local favorite and one of the best spots for grilling in the San Francisco area. The park, maintained by the National Parks Service, also offers comfortable, indoor-plumbing restrooms (a true commodity when you consider even parts of the Grand Canyon only feature porta-potties). Another added bonus for anyone looking to coordinate a group event are the many parking options; although, on sunnier, summer days you may have to arrive before peak hours to guarantee multiple spots.

This is a great venue for anyone looking to plan a corporate event that includes an excursion or team-building activity – such as BBQs. The beach is part of the Coastal Trail which runs north and south along the California Coast all the way down to Mexico. But, of course, you don’t have to take your group to Mexico to enjoy your time in the park! There are several veins of trails that are easy to walk and your guests will enjoy exploring them due to the typically temperate, comfortable weather of the area as well as the amazing views.

Another ideal aspect of this venue is due in part to its scenery, which offers a wonderful backdrop for any event photographs you’ll want to take to commemorate the moments. In fact, many locals choose Baker Beach for their engagement, or even wedding, photos – images of them on a gorgeous shore with the Golden Gate Bridge shining perfectly behind them.

Next time you’re considering a fun and unique option for your guests or employees, consider Baker Beach – a hidden gem of San Francisco perfect for picnicking, barbecuing, hiking, or simply discussing business or memories in the presence of a beautiful scene.



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