Mozilla Family Day

Mozilla Family Day


Mozilla was looking for a fresh family day event concept for 650 staff and family for the 3rd consecutive year of hiring Inspire. They needed a wide variety of choices and a festival environment with family friendly entertainment.


To give a wide array of culinary treats, our team called on our food truck resources as well as local festival purveyors to bring in wood fired pizza ovens, Indian food, Kettle Corn, hand made caramel apples, and a ton of entertainment. We were able to source a world class animal act, with a trained baboon who starred in Super Bowl commercials to pose with guests for photo opportunities, an exotic petting zoo, interactive science booths, and even adult big wheel races to assure there was plenty of fun for everyone!

“Thank you for the amazing event your team pulled together for us, in what I am sure was record time. You graciously helped me through every step of the planning process. You rolled with the increasing head count punches. You had a fabulous team on the ground all day to make our event a TRUE JOY!”

Lisa G.