Civil War Fairgrounds


This aptly-named Civil War Fairgrounds has a long history in Downtown San Francisco. It is a large lawn in the presidio. It holds large groups, up to 600 people or more.

With the open spaces, the Civil War Fairground is a marvelous site to hold any outdoor company activities. The cool breeze will also refresh the members. It’s a perfect place for any organizational team building. The place is usually not crowded; therefore it’ offers a serene environment. One thing to note; you must bring your own restrooms to have an event there.

Companies are usually situated right in the middle of cities, right? Holding a company’s outdoor event in the Civil War Fairground ensures workers dodge the daily hectic city life.

Parking isn’t a hassle as there is ample of parking.

An outdoor event is all about enjoying a beautiful view, cool breeze, and team building; all this can be experienced in one place, the Civil War Fairground.

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