Corporate Catering

Daily and Weekly Lunches From $12 to $20 Per Person


We offer the San Francisco Bay Area’s most comprehensive and reliable daily or weekly corporate catering service. Whether you are looking for an office lunch caterer for daily or weekly service, Inspire will deliver on time and on budget in San Francisco and in the greater Bay Area.


As the premier San Francisco catering broker in the Bay, we provide many Bay Area corporations and organizations with a wide variety of delicious choices for ongoing, regularly-scheduled, drop-off catering.


You can choose from a rotating food service selection of unique breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.


We specialize in daily and weekly catering – from drop-off box lunches to full-service meals.


Because we’re a catering broker, we work with many different restaurants and caterers throughout the San Francisco and San Jose areas, and can therefore offer a virtually endless variety of cuisine, all of which can be customized to suit your specific needs. By working with Inspire opposed to a traditional catering company, you gain the following advantages.


Some of the benefits of our innovative daily/weekly programs are:


  • Employee morale
    • Your employees will love you for having delicious food delivered on-site
  •  Increased productivity
    • Save thousands per day in employee productivity
    • Employees are proven to take shorter lunch breaks onsite
  •  An incredible array of authentic cuisine
    • Much better variety than other caterers
    • All meals are prepared by chefs who specialize in each type of cuisine offered
  •  Professional and reliable staff to deliver and set-up food
    • Trained catering experts who know your company and your special need
  •  One vendor to work with
    • Reduce your paperwork and eliminate confusion by sourcing one vendor for all your catering needs


Click here to look at a sample two week menu. Remember menus can be tailored to the budgets and tastes of your organization.

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