Your Complete Event Solution
Your Complete Event Solution

Craft Activities

Never again will you be at a loss for how to occupy the busy, creative young minds of the young people at your event. Our craft tables offer an endless variety of projects and activities to entertain and engage even the most precocious and restless youngsters. Adults love them too!
Sand Art


Jewelry creation: kids can create their own necklaces, bracelets, pins and more!


Hats, caps and masks for all themes


Interactive crafts for outdoor parties: decorate your own plane or kite, and make it fly!


Custom Photo Frames


Themed crafts for every season of the year: Halloween crafts, Holiday crafts, Mardi gras crafts, Summer crafts, etc.


Ask for our special Photo frame activity with On-site photography: we take pictures of your guests and they decorate their own frames, going home with a custom souvenir from your party!

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