Doughboy Meadow – Picnic Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area


Are you searching for the best place to have your next corporate barbecue? Doughboy Meadow is the perfect choice for lots of sunshine and relaxation. The scenic view has plenty of space for ample cooking and a large attendance. Parking is easy to locate and you will only be a short distance away from Stow Lake so once your food settles you can jump in for a swim. There are not many annoying bugs either but be prepared to face some gopher holes.

Activities at the Meadow

The meadow offers few activities and if you choose to hold a BBQ or some other event that requires tables and chairs you will have to bring your own. Grills are also not supplied (nor are blankets) and if you planned on setting up a bounce house you will be greatly disappointed as the meadow does not allow them. However, there are other things you can do such as kickball, horseshoes, volleyball, rugby, or some other lawn activity.

If taking pictures is part of your itinerary, the bronze statue is an ideal place for interesting poses. Created in 1928, the statue was crafted by M. Earl Cummings.


It is important to note that restrooms do not make a frequent appearance at the meadow. If you expect to plan an event for a large number of people you will either have to have some portable toilets set up or station your event on the east side of the meadow near JFK Drive. Assume you will need one portable toilet for approximately every 100 people per four hours. Be sure to order more if your party has a higher number of women than men or if there is alcohol involved.

Relax at Stow Lake

Being well within walking distance, after your big event at the meadow anyone interested can take a stroll down to Stow Lake. There is an onsite cafe where you can grab something to drink if you are thirsty or you can grab a healthy snack if you’re hungry. If you are looking for some fun, the lake has floating and paddling available. There are eight picnic tables for smaller groups looking to enjoy a bit of time outdoors eating.

For some stunning photography, be sure to snap a few pictures of the wildlife nearby. Turtles and various types of birds frequent the area. In the center of the lake is Strawberry Hill which can be reached by several different bridges.


Finding a place to park at the meadow is easy. The meadow is located on the the northern side of JFK Drive along the west of the intersection with Stow Lake Drive. There is no sign for the meadow but a good indicator you’ve arrived is the bronze Doughboy statue. You can see it down the grassy hill from the street. Although the parking is free all along JFK Drive no cars are allowed to park on Saturdays from April to September and also on Sundays all year round.

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