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Aerial Acts

From high-flying trapeze artists to silk ribbon aerialists, we provide accomplished Aerial Acts from Cirque du Soleil and beyond. These masterful performers present exciting, death defying acrobatic shows that will astonish and captivate your audience. Aerial artists mix passion with strength, elegance and sometimes even humor. Whether you choose a one-person act or an elaborate twelve person production, you and your guests will witness feats of skill and daring that will leave you breathless. Call us about booking these brilliant and extraordinary performers for your San Francisco Bay Area event or use our quick quote form for more information. San Francicsco aerialists.


Balloon Artists

Our balloon artists are easily as captivating creating sophisticated work of art at a black-tie affair as they are making zany balloon animals for 5-year-olds at a child’s birthday party. The fact is, balloon art is fun for adults and children alike.


Bubble Artist

Our bubble artist is utterly enchanting as a greeter, an ambient entertainer at your cocktail party or performing his amazing show, this unique and dynamic performer can teach guests (adults and kids alike) how to make giant bubbles with their bare hands!


Caricature Artists

Can you think of a better way to remember a wonderful event than having a unique, charming and hilarious caricature of yourself created while you’re there? Our caricature artists are the best in the business and will have everyone at your party lining up to be immortalized in “art.”


Circus Acts

Hilarious clowns, death-defying aerialists or amazing contortionists, let Inspire dazzle your guests with our mesmerizing circus acts. From the sublime to the ridiculous, we have world-class acts from all of the top international circus acts – exciting performers who will keep your guests spellbound…



As the “second oldest profession,” clowning is an art that has withstood the test of time and continues to amuse and delight audiences of all ages.



We can provide contortionists for any type of event in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond: company holiday parties, picnics, birthdays, private events, etc.



Looking for great, clean family comedians that fit your budget or a wild and wacky TV sit-com star to delight and impress your guests? We have access to over 2,000 comedians nationwide, from local Bay Area talent to top national and international celebrities.



We can provide you with the top dancers of all styles – for a live stage show, as ambient entertainment or to teach your guests how to do the latest steps! Performances are family-friendly, and we have shows suitable for any type of audience, whether corporate or social. Liven up your birthday party, company holiday party, trade-show booth or party, picnic, etc. with dancers that will dazzle your audience.



Our wide variety of experienced and diverse DJ’s boast a huge music selection, the right equipment and great personalities. They range in cost, depending on the DJ selected, MC requirements, hours, lighting, karaoke, fog machine, etc.


Face Painters

With a few strokes of a brush, our talented Bay Area face painters can instantly transform your guests into fairies, wild animals or wacky clowns. A Girl with a fairy painted on her cheek, a boy with a leopard crawling across his forehead…these are but a few of the exotic, unusual and fun images that can be applied by our amazing face painters.


Fire Dancers

Our fire dancers are among the most accomplished and in-demand in the business, always delivering a breathtaking and spellbinding performance. Leave your guests spellbound with mesmerizing fire dancing performance in San Francisco, the Peninsula, the East Bay, or Marin County!


Henna Tattoo Artists

Our skilled Henna artists are available for that almost-too-real tattooed look. These beautiful works of art last for more than a week, won’t wash off, and are hip, harmless and “too cool for school.”



You’ll be amazed at what our trained masters of hypnosis can do in a mere 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll see your friends talking to their shoes or barking like dogs – literally anything these skilled experts “suggest”!



Since the time of ancient Greece, jugglers have amazed, delighted and entertained audiences everywhere – from the throne room to the big top. With a recent resurgence in popularity, due in part to shows such as Cirque de Soleil and Teatro ZinZanni, jugglers are among the most requested entertainers at both large and small events.


Live Bands

Nothing kicks a party into high gear like a live band or orchestra. Whether your guests enjoy a string quartet, a low-key, relaxing jazz, funky R & B, heart-pounding Rock n’ Roll or the sounds of a swingin’ 40s big band, we’ve got you covered with live bands and musicians or orchestras in the San Francisco Bay area.



There are few things more thrilling than watching the impossible happen right before your very eyes. Experience our world famous magicians, as they perform exciting and often hilarious mind-blowing sleight-of-hand, both unbelievable and extraordinary.


Medieval Jousting

Once the sport of kings, jousting began in 11th century France as a military exercise, and soon spread throughout Europe. Renewed interest in recent years has made this daring display of skill and bravado a popular addition to many themed events.



Following the lead of Marcel Marceau, Charlie Chaplin and the great American and European circus clowns, modern day mimes are an entertainment staple, representing mirth, magic and mischief!



Our expertly trained psychics provide the best of both worlds – ESP and entertainment. These personable and gifted entertainers arrive at your event in theme-specific costumes, yet give real, accurate readings. All of our psychics have studied at accredited institutes and take their craft very seriously. They focus on ensuring upbeat readings, while still seeking the truth.


Reptile Show

 For those who want an unforgettable experience, book our “Extreme Reptile Show,” hosted by one of the nation’s leading reptile keepers. This hair-raising reptile experience also includes tarantulas and scorpions, along with giant snakes and many other exotic reptiles, which most of your guests have probably never seen, including a 6 foot 70 pound water monitor. All animal shows are perfectly safe and insured.

Sideshow Acts

Do want to shock and amaze your guests? Bring in one of our astounding and often bizarre side show acts. We offer everything from an authentic three-ring flea circus or the human pin cushion (Ouch!) to sword swallowers, fire eaters, the human blockhead, and a swami who walks on hot coals, broken glass and lies on a bed of nails.


Stilt Walkers

These gregarious stilt walkers in great costumes are guaranteed to be seen and enjoyed by all. These “high profile” and colorful entertainers are the perfect addition to any event where you want high visibility from a distance.



We have 5 amazing unicyclists who can come to your event solo or in full force! All are highly skilled and offer either a strolling (rolling?) performance or a unique, high-energy show. They can also appear in great costumes suitable for anything from a black-tie affair to a zany kids’ party.


Yo Yo Masters

They’re wild, wacky, faster than the eye can see and totally unique. Bring in our yo yo masters to make your event stand above the rest. These world-class experts provides great strolling entertainment, yo-yo classes, or you can bring them on- stage for a dynamic, edge-of-your-seat, 10 to 45 minute stage show.