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There is no better way to directly engage your audience and encourage participation in the evolution of a brand than by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience! Let us show you some exciting ways we can build your customer relationships for your next product launch or marketing campaign!

Case Study #1: Potty Circus in Times Square

Inspire was hired to bring together 40 musicians, acrobats, stilt walkers, jugglers and cheer leaders to celebrate . . Huggies. Pull ups™! Inspire’s performers took over Good Morning America’s studios and prepped for a day of cold New York weather, creating an immersive experience that was not soon forgotten

Case study#2: Flying Pigs at salesforce (web MD)

experiential marketing tradeshows

What do Flying Pigs, Hula Hooping Cirque performers, and jugglers on unicyclists have to do with lead generation? Everything.


Lead MD Hired us to create a scene at the entrance to a Dreamforce event. Our performers juggled flying pigs, Hula hooped, and our Flying pig mascot made facebook fame.

Case Study#3: 80s roller girls at a tradeshow

immersive marketing tradeshows

Our client asked us to make an impact on their potential customers BEFORE they were overwhelmed with their competition on the tradeshow floor. We designed and imprinted an item literarly everyone in the world uses: Water. Thousands of custom branded bottles, and had them delivered and distributed outside the tradeshow by rollerskating girls, with the company colors from head to toe.


We have the ability, talent, and creativity to take your offering, and make it truly inspirational!


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