Hellmann Hollow Park – Picnic Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area

helmann hollow corporate picnic venue

Golden Gate Park is the host of many venues for picnics of which one is Hellman Hollow, the most splendid picnic areas of San Francisco. It is not only a family picnic spot but also is the chosen one for the events arranged for companies. You can enjoy your picnic and party over the place owing to its uniqueness.

How it stands out? There are several features of Hellman Hollow, you can appreciate, which make it different and unique from the rest of the picnic venue. With its nine picnic areas available, it can accommodate a large number of people. If you are looking for a place to plan events for your corporation or you are a marketing professional looking for a venue, you can easily choose Hellman Hollow to make your event outstanding in every term. Also you can book extra tables in its largely available space to arrange your large parties of more than hundred people.

Location: Located along the south side of John F. Kennedy Drive near the west of Transverse Drive, Hellman Hollow is one of the main attractions of golden gate park. It is positioned in the center of golden gate park and can easily be found on 25th avenue.

The parking: If you have chosen Hellman Hollows as your event venue, you need not to worry about the parking. You are provided with the services of free parking for Hellman hollow along the John F, Kennedy drive. However, the street parking is not allowed on Sundays.

The amazing park: If you are an admirer of lovely sceneries and vibrant parks, you should choose Hellman Hollow as your picnic venue. The park has display of flowers, lakes, trees and wildlife making the environment close to nature.

You will feel lucky to have a wide room to play any kind of game you want in Hellman Hollow. The extensive grassy area offers you to enjoy the lawn games, volleyball or any other game.

Special BBQ grills: One of the main attractions of the meadows is BBQ grills that are made available for their customers free of cost. Picnic tables are arranged with BBQ grills and you can enjoy the special food.

Other attractions: There are multiple sites that are suitable as picnic venue in Hellman Hollow Meadows for you. You can have a look on the maps and pictures captions of the venue and can easily reserve the most attractive and suitable place to arrange the picnic for your corporation.

Luxurious onsite restrooms are available. For the kids, you are welcomed to enjoy jumping at the inflatable play structures like bounce houses.

Also the place is the venue for many local events like birthday parties and music concerts going on throughout the year.

Hellman Hollow offers you the best of its facilities making it a highly recommended place to arrange your events either formal or usual. You are offered with a number of activities making your picnic a memorable one.

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