Lake Merced Park  – Picnic Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area

lake merced picnic venue san francisco

Thinking of your next picnic spot? Or a great place to hold your next corporate event? In an ever-hustling, ever-moving city like San Francisco, if you want to find peace among nature’s beatific vistas, Lake Merced Park is a great bet. Built around one of San Francisco’s largest freshwater lakes, Lake Merced, the park is a 614-acre property with enough space for three golf courses, convenient jogging paths and bird watching facilities.

It’s a park that’s been there for a long time

The park has been an important part of San Francisco’s history and community life since the 19th century. Used as a ranch during Mexican rule to being witness to a duel-to-death between a US Senator and a Supreme Court judge in the 1850s, this place has seen it all and has many interesting stories to tell as you walk or cycle around the lake’s periphery. The Lake Merced Park is now managed by the Recreation and Parks department of San Francisco.

Enjoy yourself just the way you want to

As there is no space constraint, this can be an excellent venue for community get-togethers. You can organize office picnics and events, for not only your employees but also their families, where everyone will get a lot of lush green space to run around in and have fun. The park hosts migratory birds in some seasons, which can be an intriguing sight while you picnic at the park.

Other things you would love

Barbeque parties can also be hosted conveniently in Lake Merced Park as the wide, open expanse helps prevent fire hazards and respiratory issues that may arise in a smaller or closed area. There is ample parking space in and around the park, so you can have a big event without bothering about a possible parking logjam.

You can incorporate boating in the placid Lake Merced or bicycling along it on lush green paths as part of your company picnic or community event, to surprise your guests with a break from the monotonous and relaxing tryst with nature.

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