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lindley meadow picnic area san francisco

If you are planning your next company event or office picnic, why not shed the old banquet hall buffet and do something different? Move your party to the outdoors with a scenic view, in the relaxing arms of Mother Nature. Lindley Meadow is one of Golden Gate Park’s most exuberant, verdant spaces.

What would you love?

Lindley Picnic AreaLocated on the South Side of the JFK Drive, Lindley Meadow is a vast expanse of lush green grassy plots with specially designated areas for picnics and get-togethers. 12 individually reservable tables are set across a beautiful eucalyptus grove. Barbeque grill sets are also provided on these picnic sites to allow you to have a BBQ brunch or bonfire party.

The open area is ideal for such a party as there is no chance of congestion due to smoke and fire hazards. There is sufficient space for a big party of more than 100 people, who can be easily accommodated by renting few nearby tables.

Thing to keep in mind

To support the merry mood of your party, beer and wine are permitted in the picnic area. However, kegs and liquor are not. The open, green expanse is perfect for outdoor sports and running about. Each picnic area is sufficiently spaced out to give ample recreation space to you as well as your neighbour. There is also a common space that can be utilised to play lawn tennis or volleyball.

What makes it a friendly place for guests?

Parking and restroom facilities are easily accessible to offer convenience to your guests. If you want to add some extra fun to your party, there is space for inflatable play structures and food trucks to be incorporated. However, these additions require extra permits.

Lindley Meadow is maintained by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. So, the next time you plan a company event, meeting or party, consider reserving a picnic area at the luxuriant, green and serene Lindley Meadow.

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