McNears Beach – Picnic Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area

mcnears beach picnic event venue

People who are looking for a lovely place in which to stage a picnic event, an outdoor barbeque, or a corporate event should look no further than the McNears Beach. This is one of the most beautiful picnic venue in the San Francisco Bay area. Companies usually have picnics outdoors specifically for team-building or customer relations, rather than simply eat in some restaurant which is probably going to be stuffy and crowded. There is nothing stuffy and crowded about a place like the McNears Beach in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of the great things about staging corporate events outdoors is the simple fact that people usually are going to feel more comfortable. It’s harder to feel out of place in a large open area with lots of co-workers, especially if there’s a beach nearby. The people will find it easier to mingle especially if you have some fun ice-breaker games for your organization. The outdoor environment is going to make people feel more like it is a vacation day and less like it is a workday. Naturally, people always appreciate events in gorgeous areas like the McNears Beach, and they’re going to appreciate the opportunity to spend some time there and maybe even bring close family members.

People can just as easily stage personal social events at the park. If your are planning a large group or organizing a company event, you are going to have to reserve the picnic area in advance. We will help you and we can also help to set up your own activities and entertainment. There are gorgeous turf areas and designated places for picnics that your group going to be able to enjoy. This is very much the sort of place that is uniquely set up for organizations who are interested in staging a lovely outdoor event of any kind.

The McNears Beach is very much the sort of place that has it all. People can enjoy being in a large outdoor park and get acquainted with others. They can enjoy the beach. They can also have fun on the tennis or the volleyball courts. Barbecues, picnics, and corporate events that are staged at the McNears Beach San Francisco Bay Area are definitely going to go very well.

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