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Mountain Lake in San Francisco will be a great picnic venue is an ideal place for your company or business to have your next company party or picnic event. The Mountain Lake Picnic venue is a casual and historical place for barbeque or picnics with many activities waiting for you and your staff or co-workers. Mountain Lake is one of the top lakes in San Francisco, California according to top vacation and leisure websites.

One of the Bay area’s last “surviving natural lakes” including the only natural lake around the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The national recreation area is 80,000 acres and is protected by the federal government.

It has come back from a 100-year ecological downward spiral which impacted the ecological system. Although, with the scientists and various institutions (including the many volunteers), it’s making a comeback!

A couple of years ago during 2013 and 2014, the soil being polluted and the “invasive species” that were in the lake were finally removed. On account of the work that it took to rehabilitate the Lake, it’s revived and has a healthy new start. In fact, the native species have been recuperated and added back into the lake’s ecosystem.

Historical San Francisco lake

San Francisco’s first people, the Ohlone inhabitants, were San Francisco’s first people to live in that area. The historical San Francisco lake was home for them for thousands of years.

Spanish Captain Juan Bautista de Anza, along with his “band of explorers”, camped on the shores in 1776 for a couple of days. They settled at the Mountain Lake after a 1,500 mile journey from the south. There is a trail exclusively dedicated to the Captain.  Captain Bautista and his crew needed a place to build their military fort or “presidio”. They found it here. In fact, today this is where the Presidio’s Officer’s Club is located. (See: ) The current officer’s club is free and open to all, although it’s closed on Mondays.

Ready for you! Corporate company events; ideal picnic venues

For companies, marketing professionals and those who are looking for their next event or venue, the Mountain Lake Picnic Venue offers various activities for you and your co-workers, employees, and staff. It’s a fun way to establish a rekindling bond with company employees and their families.

The lake is beautiful including the park’s picnic/bbq potential. Pack your employees and staff and have a family/employee picnic during the upcoming holidays along the lakeside. The water wildlife is a safari of beautiful bird species which fly to the lake’s south side. (Their next destination is migrating from Alaska to South America.)

Some of the many activities that you and your fellow coworkers can enjoy while having a company picnic or company bar-b-que are the following:

  • Enjoy a walk or stroll along the National Historic trail dedicated to Captain Bautista and his crew.
  • Pack up your binoculars and go bird watching as you discover the safari of beautiful exotic birds that fly here every so often.
  • Tennis courts are alongside, but you must “grab the courts” early during the day.
  • Open from 6am to 8 pm, Monday through Sunday.
  • Biking and running trails are available.
  • Kid friendly parks and areas.
  • Bring your dog, leash or not, on the east side of the park.
  • The lake is a beauty and known as a “gem”.
  • The bathrooms are clean and tidy.

Workers and their families; enjoy fun fillings at Mountain Lake 

There have been parties, picnics, and bbq gatherings; with a host of averaging 30 people on a Saturday afternoon. The park’s big, so it’ll be okay for more. For a Mountain Lake’s parking is a bit crowded, so when you decide to have your company picnic, send out a memo to come early for parking. Otherwise, this is a great spot for volleyball (but, bring your net), playing frisbee, and softball,…to name a few. You do have to be an early-bird to get these fun-filled activities set-up for your company picnic. It’s a perfect place for entertaining your staff and co-workers, their families, and their dogs, but that’s optional.

Location, location, location: Mountain Lake Picnic Events

You’ll find two flights of stairs when you enter the picnic areas. These are a dime a dozen because there’s plenty of trees around for shade. Also, It actually does “backup” into “the Legion of Honor” golf course. The paths and trails are paved, and majority of the time you’ll see plenty of gatherings, BBQs, picnics so this will encourage you and your fellow coworkers to join in the fun for a day and evening of fun-filled bonding.

Finally, a nice picnic or bbq for your staff can begin with a walk or jog around the trails to bond a little while the bbq is cooking. This will make for a great company picnic experience under the San Franciso sun! Mountain View Picnic Venue has kids park areas too!

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