Paradise Beach – Picnic Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area


Paradise Beach Picnic Venue In The San Francisco Bay Area

If you are looking to spend a fun day at the beach there is one beach that stands out among the rest. Paradise Beach in San Francisco, California  is a great place to have your picnic in. Paradise Beach is 19 acres and runs along the shore of the Tiburon Peninsula. In addition to having a swimming area and a beach, the park has green landscaping, plenty of wildflowers, grassy hills, and a great view of the San Francisco Bay. There are picnic areas that are open to the public and there are plenty of huge redwood trees to provide shade.

Besides having a picnic, there are many activities at Paradise Beach to keep you busy. There is a horseshoe court for some friendly competition. There is also a narrow beach that was designed for playing in the sand and swimming. There is a pier for those that like to fish. This beach is known for halibut, sturgeon, bass, and even sharks. A person can also go fishing for crabs from the pier. There is even an area that is set aside for kayaks and canoes. We can also help you to arrange other fun activities for your group.

Paradise Beach has some great sites to see. This beach is great for those that like marine life. They can come and watch the seals, sea lions, and other marine animals. There are a number of trails that were designed for those that want to take a nice walk and see the sights of nature.

There are areas of Paradise Beach that can be reserved for large group parties and gatherings. This area can be used for those that are looking to throw a picnic or a barbeque. The beach will allow the children to play and keep busy.

Paradise Beach is a great place for your picnic. Paradise Beach is exactly what the name states. It is a place of paradise where your group can take a break from their busy lives and get out and enjoy nature.

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