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stafford lake park picnic event venue San Francisco Bay Area

As an office manager or supervisor, you probably know the importance of holding special events for your company and/or your clients every once in a while. It’s a well known fact that companies that provide non-work related perks on a regular basis helps with team building and camaraderie, boosts morale and typically have high employee satisfaction ratings. Company picnics and BBQ’s have always been a popular way for companies to show appreciation to their employees since it’s a tame setting that can include families, allows for employees to escape their normal company settings and relax, and helps win the support of employees.

So the question remains, where can you hold a picnic event that can easily, affordably and efficiently accommodate your needs? For those in or near the Novato area, Stafford Lake Park is an attractive picnic venue that fits the bill. Stafford is a park that borders around Stafford Lake and offers picnic and recreational areas that can be reserved upon request. Picnic facilities will provide you with sheltered dining areas with tables and seating that are free for patrons to use and can seat an estimated 500 people. The area has been used in the past for numerous activities such as festivals and musical performances. Stafford Lake Park may not have something for absolutely everyone, but rest assured, it certainly has something for most. There are various recreational areas that provide guests with areas for outdoor activities such as horseshoes, volleyball but we can help you set up your own activities and entertainment. The lake has banned swimming, but guests are free to go lakeside fishing for catfish, bass and others.

Stafford Lake Park covers 139 acres and is only three very convenient miles west of Novato and is easy to reach. Consulting us before planning your event is advisable so you have understanding of the park’s layout, restroom locations and trail heads. The park has also very recently opened a bike park for the bicycle fanatics that are among your guests.

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