Stow Lake Park – Picnic Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area

stow lake san francisco picnic venue

Stow Lake Waterfalls & Park is a simply lovely choice for your next company picnic or hosted event. The relaxing atmosphere and landscaping provides the perfect setting for your guests to relax, unwind, and step away from the hectic professional world. Reserve the picnic area for a private gathering. The rest of the park provides leisure activities to your guests to enjoy all day long.

Whether you want to just sit and take in the scenery, or get moving a little, this park offers both. The waterfall offers a visually appealing focal point, and you can climb the stairs to look out over the lake and enhance the view even more. Simply sit by the lake on one of the provided benches to relax or walk around the park for varied vantage points. The choice is yours.

This park provides a variety of activities to suit the varied desires and activity levels of your guests. By hosting a company picnic at Stow Lake, you can allow for a diversified day while providing a sense of team and togetherness. The size of this park allows for a little wandering, but can easily bring you back together for a common interest. You can easily spend anywhere from a few hours to entire day at the park.

The setting and varied walking paths allow for an easy stroll which remains relaxing. The quiet area sets the stage for good, engaging conversation. For these reasons, this can be a lovely place for your employees to get to know one another outside of work.

For those not wanting to just sit around or walk around, paddle boats offer a great way to get out on the lake and enjoy the day. Up to 4 people can ride on one paddle boat and spend an hour amidst the natural beauty of the lake. Bring a snack along, and unwind as you tour the lake. You may spot some wildlife as well! This can be a very fun way to get people together.

With plenty of space and picnic tables available, Stow Lake Boathouse picnic area is a superb place to host a company picnic or sponsored gathering. Two grills are available for you to rent as well, so providing food for your employees is no issue. Entice your desired guests to attend with the great tastes of freshly grilled foods! The grassy area around the picnic table provides space for congregating or setting up additional seating.

Restrooms are available on-site for convenience, and you’ll find plenty of parking available.

For groups who want to let loose a little, Stow Lake allows beer and wine to be consumed on site. Your guests may be impressed to know they can truly wind down at their company picnic and have a well-rounded fun day.

You can offer your employees, volunteers, or other groups a day of renewed energy and spirit. Show them how much you care about their well-being by choosing Stow Lake for a company picnic.

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