Yerba Buena Gardens – Picnic Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area


Yerba Buena Gardens is one of the things you would love to have your next corporate picnic in San Francisco downtown. It’s a place where you can go and view the lush greenery, enjoy the serenity and have a friendly gathering with your co-workers.

Yerba Buena Gardens is located around two blocks away from other public parks. Yerba Buena was a Mexican town of Alta California that became the city of San Francisco, California, after the United States claimed it in 1846.

Companies have enjoyed this magnificent park and have proclaimed that videos and pictures do not capture the uniqueness of this park. The parks location is very different as it is centrally located and diversity of the population and things makes it even more different. A lot of eateries are situated near the vicinity of the park, so one has many hunger vanishing spots. It is a very popular park so on weekends it is difficult to find a parking spot but if you are on public transport, then you can enjoy the gardens.

What can you do?

It is a nice place to stroll around and check out the waterfall. Take part in any of the following activities which would ensure that you are never bored when you’re in Yerba Buena Gardens.

  • A bowling alley,
  • An exciting ice skating rink,
  • Or just head off to a carousel

It’s a place for the company, and perfect for celebrations like a BBQ or picnic. It is a beautiful scenic urban park which will bring joy and beauty to your event.

Yerba Buena Gardens is a public space, so it is open to all visitors and residents. Do remember that you need a permit to hold any events if there are more than 25 people.

How to Rent the Yerba Buena Gardens Picnic Venue?

The park is a great spot for any sort of gatherings, so if you are planning something soon, don’t forget to apply for advance permits and have this wonderful and diverse garden for company.

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